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About Me

I'm a freelance SEO Content Writer with 3+ years of experience. Throughout my writing career, I have been helping independent bloggers, consultancies, contractors, and local service companies to write content that Google loves...

Being a certified search marketer by 'DigitalMarketer.com,' I know how to create readable content for both people and search engines.

I have been awarded as the 'Best Freelancer in 2022' by Pakistan Freelancers Association.

Blog Writing Samples

Top 10 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets – The Best Guide

Over the years, tennis has expanded beyond the small boundary of local courts. It’s a game adored by many and during its progression, a lot of companies have had a first-hand role in improving the sport. One of them being Wilson.

Being so deep in the game, it has a few good and bad releases, and here, I’ll be telling you about the top 10 best Wilson racquets.

Once given a choice to pick my personal favorite from this batch, then I’d surely g

How Do I Know If My Kitchen Cabinets Are of Good Quality?

You visit a staged home. The kitchen cabinets catch your eye. You admire it, and you can’t help but think, “what’s this made out of?” If this has ever happened to you, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will give you the tools to understand kitchen cabinet quality. The higher the quality of your kitchen cabinets, the more fantastic it’ll look. After you’ve read this article, you’ll be able to pick out the best materials for your cabinet upgrades on your next visit to the store!

Why Own a Wheelie Bin Storage Unit? | Ideal Storage

Wheelie bins are an essential part of every household — That doesn’t mean they are allowed to create an ugly mess in your garden. A wheelie bin storage can fix the aesthetics and bring back the pleasant sight of your home sweet home.

If you’re on the mission to make your house look neat and clean, wheelie bin storage is a fine investment.

In this article, we’ll be discussing five major reasons why you should buy a wheelie bin storage. Keep reading!

Can A Scratched Disc Damage Your PS4?

A scratched disc is every gamers worst nightmare, but can it damage your PS4? I will answer all questions you might have.

The PS4 disc reader holds discs by magnetics so it does not make contact with discs in the PS4, but scratches on a disc may prevent it from being read but the scratches themselves will not cause damage, but any debris that enters the disc drive can cause a problem.

I will explain what happens if a PS4 disc is scratched, how you can fix a scratched disc, and if it is bad to

Get Your Rabbit To Sleep At Night – 11 Sleepy Tips

After a joyful day with your bunny rabbit, nighttime comes and you really want to sleep to get yourself charged up for the next day; now your bunny becomes a party animal and your sweet bunny makes noise all night.

Why doesn’t your bunny want to fix his sleep patterns and instead chooses to remain awake throughout the night? Are there any ways to make your rabbit sleep at night?

To make your rabbit sleep at night, make sure that his home is safe, quiet, and dark. Providing your rabbit with a c

Bunny Proof Your Christmas Tree: 9 Tips & Tricks

Christmas is just around the corner and your bunny is as excited as you are by seeing the Christmas tree and holiday decorations in your house. But you don’t want to spoil the fun because of the Christmas tree getting eaten by your cute pet bunny rabbit.

To bunny proof a Christmas Tree you need to either separate the bunny from the Christmas Tree or make the Christmas Tree less appealing to your bunny rabbit. You should also choose bunny-safe Christmas decorations for your Christmas Tree and pr

What to Do With Your Jigsaw Puzzle When Finished?

Making jigsaw puzzles by interlocking the oddly shaped pieces is a creative way of exercising brainpower. But what to do when you’ve completed your masterpiece?

The first thing to do with a finished jigsaw puzzle is taking a picture with it. It’s worth your time in remembering the efforts it took to solve that puzzle. After that, glue the pieces together, frame the puzzle picture and hang it on a wall. You can always unassemble and save for a later day.

It takes several wrong attempts to find

How to Clean Marble Stains With Hydrogen Peroxide?

Looking around the house, we always find something that reminds us of a time we were too careless or clumsy. And what better reminder than the everlasting stains present on marble tiles.

Though we cannot wash away the mistakes of the past, marble stains are something that you can take care of in the present. And with practical tools, you can do that without much effort and money.

Learn what those are and how to perform the procedure yourself by reading this article!

When it comes to household

What My Clients Say...

Faizan is an EXCELLENT writer in addition to being an outstanding communicator. He is responsive, works within deadlines extremely well, and above all -- is a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough for your agency for cost effective content writing. Be clear with what you want and he will satisfy you, guaranteed. It's been my pleasure working with him, and I genuinely look forward to working with him again in the future.

- Patrick Smith

"He writes well, explains the ideas with logic, and knows SEO. He is not only someone able to hit the keyboard, he is a real professional."

- Miguel Bratos

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My Services

I offer well-researched and converting content for your websites and blogs instead of writing fluff words...

Here's what you will get while working with me:

  • Topic Research
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Content Publishing
  • Free Stock Photos
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Analytics Monitoring

Hence, I'll be your one-stop solution for all of your content creation needs!

Dead Blog Traffic...

When your blog is new or inactive, it's search traffic is almost none (dead!) -- just like in this screenshot (on the left)

But -- with the right SEO strategies, it can pump up and can get you REAL MONETIZATION options such as ads, affiliate commissions, info products, lead generation, and more.

SEO Writing is Super-important for blogs — And This is what I do!

See how I revived this blog!

And, Here it goes up...

With a perfect blog recipe and post scheduling, I was able to get several thousand pageviews with JUST FIVE BLOG POSTS!

Can you imagine what could be the effect after 10 or 20?

Fluff, Rewritten, or AI-Spun content won't get you there...

You need a real SEO writer who knows your business well.

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Yes! — Your content will be unique and plagiarism free

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I research various resources on the internet before making an outline. The resources can be YouTube videos, top-ranked articles, Quora, Reddit, and more...

Do You Ghostwrite Content?

Of course! I can provide ghostwritten content on request. You don't have to publish articles on your website with my name necessarily.

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I'm open to working on both project or retainer basis.